November Roof Project

Our Beautiful New Roof Has Been Finished!

Eden Beach has been busy the last few months with our new roof project, as part of our efforts towards expanding and improving our beautiful resort.

Why the new roof project?

Currently we have been working on building 5 and have recently re-covered the roof! This is all part and parcel of our green Eco conscious efforts to reduce our carbon footprint! The roof is stage one of this effort, by replacing the roof we can ensure cool insulation is at peak efficiency. As such we have also began a roll out to replace all our air conditioners in the rooms as well!

Our new A/C units are A grade energy efficiency, which means the rooms will get cooler, faster. The A/C units will also get new inverter units as well. All this effort is to ensure that Eden Beach will also minimize its carbon footprint.

Check out the images and video below to see the efforts for yourselves, hope to see you soon –

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