The spa with endless views...... our only limitation is the horizon

Maximise your AQUA Spa experience

Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your first treatment


Advanced booking is suggested to ensure your requested appointment time.

Call the front desk at (599)717-6720 to book your appointments.

Spa apperel

You will be provided with a robe for your convenience.

Methods of payment

Major credit cards and cash accepted. Checks not accepted.


US Dollars

Hours of operation

Our opening hours are: Monday to Sunday 10:00 am to 6:00pm. Holiday hours may vary.

Cancellation policy

Cancel or reschedule your spa treatments 24 hours before your time to avoid being charged a cancellation fee. Aqua Spa & Gym strictly adheres to its cancellation policy.

Arriving late for your scheduled service

To avoid delaying the next guest, your treatment will end on time regardless of when you begin.


Children under 16 years must be accompanied by adult.

Aqua Spa & Gym maintains the right to change the rates without prior notice.

Aqua Spa & Gym

Aqua Spa & Gym ( is situated at a spacious terrace with the most stunning views over the blue Caribbean sea and the small island “Klein Bonaire”. You will enjoy this beautiful scenery during your massage, treatment or your gym lesson. The unique view together with the professional staff will make this an experience to remember.


This full body massage is aimed to bring you in a state of deep relaxation. Relax your muscles by a traditional method of rhythmic strokes. By increasing the circulation this massage will not only improve both skin and muscle tone, but also decrease stress.

from $89


A popular full body massage, especially for the divers amongst us. This massage is a deep tissue massage aimed at improving your mobility and flexibility. You will experience an increased alertness and feel more energetic. This massage will relieve muscle pain, arthritis pains and/or tension headaches.

from $99


Experience the senses touch and smell in the most pleasurable way. The combination of the gentle touch of a massage combined with the healing effect of aromatic oils will restore your energy and relieve stress.

from $99

In-room Massage

Enjoy the massage techniques in your own room. Whether it is outside on your porch or inside your room, the luxury of your own private in-house massage will without a doubt be one of the many highlights of your stay.

from $139

In-room Massage Special

Our only limitation is the horizon, so of course you can also enjoy this in-room massage outside of our hours of operation. There will be a surcharge of USD 50,- on the above mentioned prices.

from $189

Foot Reflex

Find out how specific points in your feet correspond with your organs and systems in your body. By applying pressure to certain points on the foot your massage therapist will help you to optimize your balance and energy level.

from $89