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Updated Flight Schedule – December 2018

From/To  United States of America UNITED AIRLINES ORIGIN DESTINATION DAYS OF OPERATION* FLIGHT TIMES FLIGHT # Currently through March 30, 2019 Newark Bonaire 6 08:49-14:30 UA 1420 Bonaire Newark 6 15:30-19:38 UA 1422 Currently through March 31, 2019 Houston Bonaire 6 12:21-18:55 UA 1402 Bonaire Houston 7 07:25-10:27 UA... Continue reading
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Happy Holidays From Bonaire!

Like in many other places in the world, the people of Bonaire enjoy the days around Christmas and New Year. Already in early November, many houses on the island are being decorated with colorful Christmas lights and a local merchant started to sell his real Christmas trees from Canadian origin... Continue reading
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American Airlines Adds Extra Flights!

4 frequencies during the winter season Amidst preparations for the American Airlines Inaugural Flight on June 9th arriving at 3:30pm. American Airlines informed that they will be adding extra flights to the schedule starting December 15th thru March 30th, 2019.  The extra flights will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday in addition to... Continue reading
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KLM Flight Specials!

 Save Money On Your Next Bonaire Vacation! Do you wish to save money on your next Bonaire vacation? Then check out this amazing KLM deal (correct as of 04/01/2018 this deal is set and regulated by KLM and is subject to their terms, conditions and availability). Presently KLM have... Continue reading
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November Roof Project

Our Beautiful New Roof Has Been Finished! Eden Beach has been busy the last few months with our new roof project, as part of our efforts towards expanding and improving our beautiful resort. Why the new roof project? Currently we have been working on building 5 and have recently... Continue reading

Flight Specials And News

Stay tuned for news, specials and offers for flight packages to Bonaire as well as any special offers from us here at Eden Beach Resort Bonaire. At the moment from America Delta operates a non-stop flight to Bonaire from Atlanta on Saturday and Sunday. United Airlines operates weekly non-stop flights to Bonaire from... Continue reading
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A Special 5-Star Review

Eden Beach Bonaire is proud to once again say we have another 5 star review. But this 5 star review is a little bit special. Whether he knew it or not Raymond E just submitted Eden Beaches 300th Tripadvisor review. So as such we thought we would write a special... Continue reading